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    CONBY define business process automation as technology components substituting and/or supplementing manual processes to manage information flow within an organization to lower costs, reduce risk, and increase consistency.

    This solutions suite incorporates a comprehensive range of fully integrated business process automation applications to facilitate more efficient enterprise workflow processes, improved business communication, more responsive and timely customer service, more interactive and accurate decision-making processes, and robust reporting capabilities for higher levels of system and human resource performance.

    Why one needs Business Process Automation is the question that strikes the mind of many people? By implementing the business approach you can leverage the following benefits:

    • It reduces manual approach and makes the company more IT dependent and automated.
    • It reduces cost by cutting on the labor requirements.
    • It leads to higher productivity thereby increasing the productivity of the company and reducing the cycle times involved.
    • It limits the users to be in regulations and adhere to the company's strategies strictly.
    • It gives the complete overview of present company status and compares it with the past reviews also.


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