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    If you already have one or more Linux servers co-located in your preferred data center and would like a highly competent published Linux expert team to manage them, this service is suitable for you.

    Cost Estimates
    • One-time Setup Fees - starting from $4000. Fees vary based on number of servers and custom configuration needs.
    • Monthly Recurring Service Fees - starting from $1500. Fees vary based on number of servers, and off-hour support requirements.
    Minimum Cost Scenario
    One-time Setup Fees $4000.00
    Monthly Recurring Fees $1500.00
    Total Cost of Service for One Year Period $22,000.00
      Primary Benefits
    • Highly published Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL experts manage your system
    • System configured for performance and security
    • Routine updates of infrastructure software
    • Automated security audits and scans for root kit attacks
    • Automated remote monitoring of the system
    • Automated daily database dump backup
    • Up to 10 trouble tickets per month included

    Remote Support Management- Handle Remote Support Security

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    Remote support services providing good facilities as its requirement. Remote support surviving and flourishing in today’s highly competitive business world is a big challenge and many a time global organizations require high caliber remote technical support on an array of software and critical applications to help them stay ahead in the race!. Outsourcing remote support is control a complete service provider offering technical support and helpdesk services to worldwide clients round the clock!

    Not many companies can afford to have the luxury of dedicated professionals to accomplish the tough task of the upkeep and constant remote support monitoring of mission-critical applications and it is in this context that the significance of outsourcing takes centre stage. Outsourcing remote support has successfully emerged as the ideal partner to many organizations world wide by providing an array of remote support services such as Remote technical support services, Network and server monitoring services, E-mail/Chat support, Security services and Software support. Remote support give expert assistance in providing the right solutions and the vast scope of our remote support service encompasses support and on-line trouble shooting. Protecting your vital communication channels and critical applications from the looming threat of virus or hackers is a cake walk for our techies who form a formidable defense against any technical problems that you may encounter!

    Remote Support technical experts examine your existing systems and work along with you to analyze your prerequisites. After an elaborate and exhaustive assessment process, we chalk out a sensible, economical and customized solution that answers all your concerns. Conby render online assistance which help the end-users to run the applications properly and to fix errors, thereby significantly cutting down the technical support costs of the clients! We have been successfully providing technical support to clients all over the world from our full fledged remote support services centre in India and our state-of-the-art technology shall relieve you of a host of technological problems which threaten the normal functioning and profitability of the organization.

    Remote support services offer flexibility and cost effectiveness through our double edged support options to our esteemed clients. Our Software support services use software such as Windows Terminal Service, Real VNC, Gotomypc and Putty which complement with your needs and objectives. Our across-the board expertise, exceptional teamwork, upbeat problem management skills and our unique operational tools keep us in a stellar position at a level others can’t match! Our impressive client list is a testament to our consistent delivery of target-oriented and cost-effective services.

    Outsourcing remote support gives amazing freedom to the clients which let them focus on running the business while we manage their critical IT lifeline. Meet your organization’s most difficult IT challenges with Conby and keep your business trouble free and kicking on 24 X 7 X 365 basis!

    Contact us to know more about the scope and ambit of our remote security services and real time security intelligence.


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