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    The Co-location Management Service is most suitable for our Open Source solutions customers who develop custom solutions with us.

    As the developers of the custom applications, we are able to configure and fine-tune the system infrastructure software such as the Linux/FreeBSD operating system, Apache Web server, MySQL database server, PHP with custom extensions, Postfix mail transport agent, etc. to allow for the best performance and security.

    Cost Estimates
    • Hardware purchase -- depends on needs. Typically a single 1U or 2U server cost anywhere from $5000 to $15,000 depending on brand of the server. You purchase the hardware directly from our recommended hardware vendor or your own vendors.
    • One-time Setup Fees - starting from $3000. Fees vary based on number of servers and custom configuration needs.
    • Monthly Recurring Service Fees - starting from $1200 (1U). Fees vary based on bandwidth, number of servers, and off-hour support requirements.
      Primary Benefits
    • Highly published Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL experts manage your system
    • System configured for performance and security
    • Routine updates of infrastructure software
    • Automated security audits and scans for root kit attacks
    • Automated remote monitoring of the system
    • Automated daily database dump backup
    • Automated daily incremental and weekly Web content backup
    • Up to 10 trouble tickets per month included
    Data Center Benefits
    • Located in one of the Top-10 data centers in the country
    • Highly redundant Internet backbone with cross-country network with two OC48 (2.4 Gbps) circuits
    • Sustained Bandwidth starting at 512 Kbps to 10Mbps


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