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    As a leading Open Source expert company with over a decade of Open Source research, advocacy, software development and publishing experience, we are delighted to help you audit your Open Source software/vendor needs, on-going in-house/third-party projects, completed work-products, etc. Our audit process includes

    • Review of Scope -- we will review the business goals, technical goals and the operations goals.
    • Audit of Source Code -- In case of software projects, we will review the code quality focusing on design, implementation, maintainability, and documentation.
    • Performance Review and QA/QC -- in case of in-house or contract work-products, we will perform QA/QC to identify weaknesses, strength and overall performance capabilities.
    • Reporting and Recommendations -- we will provide in-depth audit reports focusing on help you make pending decisions and how to improve performance, quality and reliability as desired.

    Throughout the audit process, our goal is to provide you with information to assist you in making informed decisions about your project, product, and team. As a third-party auditor, we can remain unbiased and focused on your business objectives.

    Ready to Walk the Audit Trail?


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