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    Although we prefer to start on fresh projects that need to be scoped, designed, implemented and deployed, we often get RFP on Open Source projects that have taken the wrong turn and can be classified as a "HURT" project. Our definition of a HURT project is one that has one or more of the following issues:

    • Human resource issues -- suffers from lack of ownership or short of qualified, high-caliber team
    • Under delivery issues -- suffers from schedule misses
    • Reliability issues -- target user confidence is low as things don't seem to work as intended all the time
    • Time-to-Market issues -- market competition, corporate or customer pressure at play that were not planned in the schedule planning

    We are your turn-around team! We will review the state of affairs, identify the bottlenecks, devise a plan for recovery and get to work on making a reasonable delivery timeline. Without project management guidance and development support we will give the HURT project a fighting chance to get back on track to successful development and deployment.

      Rules of Engagement

    Here is how we get started with a HURT project:

    • Audit of Existing Work - we need to know what works, what does not, what should have worked by now, what else needs to work to get the job done.
    • Develop a New Scope of Work (SOW) - using audit information and your input, we will develop a new SOW to define the project in better terms and deliverables.
    • Establish a Communication Protocol -- More often, it is the poor communication that makes a project become HURT. Therefore, we will help you redefine a communication protocol and a chain of command that works.
    • Employ Incremental Engineering Process -- by breaking down the tasks at hand into short-cycles of incremental engineering process we would be able to measure progress, deliver work-products and maintain schedule.
    • Deliver the Final Product -- using a release cycle approach we will deliver an alpha, beta and a release product while maintaining change control, configuration control and overall end-user feedback in the loop.

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