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    Even a few years ago, Open Source was considered only a cost-saving alternative for developing information systems. Today, a more mature analysis based on a great deal of positive experiences and market data exists: Open Source -- based on open standards -- is not only cost-effective but also possibly a more secure and robust alternative to vendor-controlled solutions.

    By integrating various Open Source infrastructure technologies such as Linux, Apache, MySQL, BIND, Sendmail, Postfix and rapid development tools such as PHP, Perl, Python, Java, etc. it is possible to develop small, medium, or large-scale custom solutions faster, cheaper and better.

    It is faster to develop solutions using open source because there are many ready or near-ready open source projects for just about every aspect of the solution space.

    It is cheaper because of the generous hassle-free source licensing options and abundance of development expertise throughout the world-wide. You are no longer tied to a single vendor for your upgrade path or integration needs. Reliance on open source will increase your chances of getting more bang for the buck as open source tend to not focus on the cutting edge of hardware technology as large-vendor solutions often do.

    It is better because open source code base is based on open standards, typically battle-tested by the open source community. Widely used open source code pass through the eye-balls of hundreds to thousands of developers all around the world, which effectively increases the chance of faster defect detection and necessary updates.

    Technology Market Share  Interesting Facts
    Linux 40% IBM is the largest financial and evangelical promoter of Linux in enterprises throughout the world. Even the government of China officially promotes Linux.
    Apache 60%  
    MySQL 20% MySQL customers include: Yahoo!, Google, Cisco, Sabre Holding, HP, NASA
    BIND 80% The entire world's Internet traffic depends on this DNS server software
    Sendmail 39% With other Open Source mail servers such as Postfix, Qmail, etc. virtually all email traffic is handled by Open Source software

    Data Source: based on widely available information sources such as Netcraft, IDC and trade journals.


    CONBY Open Source experts got onboard in the early days of Linux -- the poster child of Open Source technologies. Our experts have not only developed and deployed many custom solutions but also published many widely received publications in the Open Source world.

    We can help you with:

    Our Open Source services focuses on development of custom solutions for any size companies around the globe. Our advantages are:

    Most businesses are heterogeneous information technology environments where Windows open, Sun shines, Java pours, Penguins dance, and handheld roams.

    Integrating Open Source solutions in such heterogeneous environment is what we do well. Our in-depth understanding of the Open Source server platforms such as Linux and FreeBSD along with Microsoft Windows platforms allow us to build practical custom solutions combining Open Source and commercial business applications, databases, and infrastructure.

    We do not take a holistic approach to Open Source deployment in the business sector to ensure cost-effective, practical results. Instead, we work with your existing information technology infrastructure and focus on creating the right work-flow with proper user experience to meet your expectations.

    We spend a great deal of resources to research and keep up with latest, stable Open Source technologies and find ways to integrate them with existing business systems.

    Most of our customers come to us to build custom products and services to offer to their customers, agents, or employees. In many cases, we are involved in projects that need to have product oriented design, incremental engineering, and robust maintenance and upgrade planning. We can help you with everything from developing the scope of work to taking the project into initial production and provide maintenance and on-going support.

    ABILITY TO FOCUS ON THE ROI We focus on the big picture. Often in software projects details creep in and distort or even destroy the big picture. By using a great deal of communication and project management tools we keep the details under control while keeping our primary focus on the goal -- the overall system responsible for your Return on Investment (ROI).


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