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Conby Technology C3-Series product family includes:


Conby Online Operating Platform  Conby Online Operating Platform(C3), developed for internet and mobile operater, provide the basic operating platform to offer online services and high-performance new media broadcast technologies, including key-value store platform, map-reduce computing platform and DEVS-based (Discrete EVent System Specifications, DEVS) business process automation engine, Rule-based spider engine with Global-Session support, TensorFlow-based ML/DL module, Ethereum-based ROS module.

System Architecture:

  • key-value store platform
  • map-reduce computing platform(-> YARN)
  • Machine Learning Engine(OpenCV -> Caffe -> TensorFlow)
  • IoT Engine(sensors/BLE|ZigBee -> mqtt -> local IoT center/OpenWrt|Raspberry Pi -> c3 saas)
  • DEVS-based business process automation engine
    • Marketing Force Automation
    • Service Process Automation
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Business Process Automation
  • MLM style Web Fast-Operating Portal tool(-> c3.js)
  • Data scraping & robot platform(With global-session)
    • Web Scraping
    • Computer Vision pattern recognition
    • RFID extraction
C3 Core Download (v7.0.5 beta):
CA Certificates Download,   
  • Go full implementation for C3 core engine, support both RabbitMQ, Kafka and Redis; support python script as logic plugin.
  • C3 v7 Engine has been tested with 3.5 million concurrencies/32G memory
  • Go implementation for websocket API service
  • Python3.5 + implementation for C3 core engine

C3 Core Download (v6.2.1 beta):
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  • Ethereum Privatechain 33333, NetworkId 1959, Genesis.json
  • HTTP MQTT over Websocket/SSL: wss://api.conby.com/mqtt
  • TCP MQTT/TLS: 8883/TCP
  • UDP MQTT-SN: 1883/UDP

C3 Core Download (v6.1.1 Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 36M bytes)(x86_64/linux|win|mac, arm64/v7|v8, mips):
http://www.conby.com/download/c3-6.1.1.tar.gz,    more...

C3 Service SDK and example (v2.0.8 PHP):

C3 Service SDK and example (v1.0.0 Python Linux/32bit):

C3 Service SDK and example (v3.1.2 Python Linux/32bit-64bit):

C3 Cache Service Drupal module (v2.0.5 PHP):

C3 wechat sample code(v1.0.1 PHP):

C3 Technical white-paper(Chinese) PDF download

C3_Service_Basic_API.pdf PDF download

Basic_C3_Platform_API_function_list.pdf PDF download

C3_Platform_Modules_List.pdf PDF download

Task_Definition.pdf PDF download

C3_Page_Event_API_token_example_38jq.pdf PDF download

C3 Platform Status (real-time):

C3 User Event monitoring page:

Free Business Process Automation service (v1.0 for developer):

C3 service gateway with Drupal API:
  • http://www.conby.com/services/xmlrpc (XMLRPC, ARIZONA, USA)
  • http://www.conby.com/services/post (HTTP POST, ARIZONA, USA)
C3 service user interface:
  • SDK api
  • XMPP client
  • BPA C3 Task webpage
  • BPA user page
  • email(subject, body)
C3 service load-lanlance nodes:
  • http://www.conby.com/c3/apiservice (ARIZONA, USA)
  • more ...
C3 internal load-lanlance nodes:
  • (Load-banlance algorithm service)
  • (Core Python algorithm service)
  • (Context name service)
  • (HTML algorithm service)
  • (Security token|URL service)
  • (Task|Rule engine service)
  • (Queue service)
  • (Core PHP algorithm service)
C3 BPA Task Specification:
  • API Name: c3_create_task, type: user|system|realtime
  • c3conditions: OR|AND
  • c3actions: OR|AND
  • c3condition: cron|action|post|next|due|hook
  • c3action: post|action|queue|map-reduce|default (Both Python and PHP)
  • cron format: Linux/Unix Crontab style
  • c3condition eval: Python|PHP eval format, token: [result]
  • HTTP payload supported
  • Max retries: 6


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